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Earth is a dystopian nightmare filled with lonely people seeking connection in virtual worlds while corporate conglomerates profit from war and secretly run every country’s government.


So, nothing’s changed. 


Except there are more robots! Like the one the slovenly Null Lasker (he’s your hero, unfortunately) controls from the comfort of his living room in order to fight for SKIRM® in a distant warzone. Think of SKIRM® as like Uber for war, except there are less benefits and the pay is somehow worse.


Everything goes well until Null pushes the system too far and finds himself in a world of trouble — and on the run from his employer.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, the George Orwell estate, Olive Garden… these are just a few of the potential plaintiffs in lawsuits that could come from this book.


Oh, and Uber® now.


We wrote ROOK years ago, before we could even afford a ChatGPT account.

oh, you’re still here

One last thing: 10% of all sales go to — forever.

For all time.

Giving back in any way possible was a huge part of this project. 


Original cover art created by Caleb Worcester